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Women's Leadership Summit
Leading from the Front
March 10, 2023

Attendees' Testimonials:

"Everything about the conference was great, the venue, the speakers and the food was top notch."
"The speakers, the action labs, and the venue were all on point. I would've liked a little more time to network with the others(audience)."
"The venue was amazing, the speakers were on point, and I was comfortable the entire time. It was far beyond my expectations. The summit was VERY WELL organized and it was GREAT to see and hear from different leaders who came from different avenues in life. I HIGHLY recommend for any and everyone who has a leadership role."
"I love the summit and would recommend to all my friends and coworkers"
"I have never attended a workshop where I felt ever topic applied to me. I left there feeling like each of you were speaking to me on a personal level."

Summit Speakers...


Coach Cassandra Davis...


You have to know when to pivot to plan B in order to gain success. What are your action steps?

Tracie Randolph.jpg

Coach Tracie Randolph...

You have to know the difference between an obstacle and an opposition.  An obstacle has been put in front of you, but an opposition has been created by YOU!  What or Who is holding you back?




My take away was understanding my understanding of my what my obstacles and oppositions are, and needing to reevaluate my Core Values.


Educator Charlyene Blunt...

Can your character keep you where your education and skills brought you?  "I only wanted a play group"


summit prayer.jpg
Char 2.jpg

Dr. Melissa ...

Girl Boss'd Up is here to help you find your purpose and make the most of your life. We provide a safe space for all women to come together and share their experiences, dreams, and challenges. Our mission is to empower and inspire women to become their own Girl Boss'd Up and to help them discover the plans they have for their lives. Through our online programs, workshops, and events, we create a community of support and drive each other to success. Join us on the journey to finding your true self and becoming the Girl Boss'd Up of your own life.


For me it was the inspiration. All of the speakers have their own successful businesses and overcome many obstacles.






I AM A BOSS! I can do the job and I AM the right person for the job. IF I couldn't do the job, God wouldn't have brought me this far.


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